Sir Rudiger’s Top 10 Reasons to Join the Leaders

Empire Kred

$2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP $2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP

Did you join the Empire after April 15th? You missed the deal of the century: The Ultimate Leaders Upgrade. This package of in-game benefits supercharges your game and lets you network with top players in Empire.Kred and around the web. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to build YOUR social media empire.

I, Sir Rudiger, love a deal. Right now the ULTIMATE LEADERS UPGRADE is on sale.You get over $2,000 of in-game benefits for up to 95% off. Let’s face it, you probably spend more for one night out than you’ll spend for this entire package of game benefits that will help you every single time you log in.  

Leaders is accepting members for a limited time — so whether you just joined, or missed the last sale, NOW IS THE TIME to give your game a powerful boost.


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Nimble Large and Small Business Teaming


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“Smaller players and the larger contractors work together in a new model of agile programs.

With successful mentorship and partnership programs, larger contractors gain access to contracts for which they would otherwise be ineligible.

Conversely, smaller contractors that lack the resources for federal procurements can break into this competitive marketplace by teaming with larger providers.

In today’s post-sequestration business climate, government contractors are continually challenged with shrinking margins, strong price competition and flat or decreased agency spending.

At the same time, new acquisition reform efforts aimed at streamlining and improving technology procurements are helping to ensure that agency CIOs are more involved in the process, and are responsible for the success or failure of all IT projects at their agency.

For the agency, the combination of these developments creates greater demand for technology collaboration and agile solution development.  With increased CIO involvement and improved agency…

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Pentagon Becoming the Next Enron?



“Remember Enron and Lehman Brothers, the energy and financial giants that seemed immune to immutable principles of fiscal health? Reality caught up to their poor assumptions and unsound business practices.

Today, the Defense Department is in alarmingly similar straits—except that the stakes are far higher.

Since the end of World War II, America’s ability to project military power has helped stabilize the world order and protect access to the global commons, fostering an era of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity.

Unfortunately, DOD is becoming so constrained by poor fiscal and modernization policy that it threatens the United States’ ability to lead globally. If the nation should become unwilling or unable to fund a military that can remain globally present, the effects on global stability would be similar to that of the failure of financial giants and mainstays on the world’s economy: devastating.

Like Enron, which infamously used off-balance-sheet financing…

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