Celebrating #LeadersQuest and the #MemorialDayWeekend charity promotion at #EmpireKred

Earn More Money from Home!


Presenting a MASSIVE Memorial Day Sale — with new pie, balloons packed with 250,000 eaves, and sales everywhere you turn. Best of all, 20% of every sale goes to support http://www.operationsupplydrop.org to help fund video game care packages for US, NATO, and ANZAC troops.

JOIN the Leader’s Group during the sale!!

(If you need to apply for a scholarship, contact (e)Nance. You will ONLY have to pay $50 if she can match you with a donor in the last few days)

** Stock up for [X]PendaPalooza starting FRIDAY June 3.

Fun and Networking at #EmpireKred

** You can still get the acheivments and eaves by doing all the days of Leader’s Quest if you missed any up to May 31!!


Photo: Hard to do couple selfies!  LOL

Bruce and Sally Witt

We want to help you reach YOUR dreams and goals for income online!

We think that Working @ Home is the SMART way to success!

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